NEW MODEL - COMPACT AND POWERFUL - Developed for everyday use with our customer in mind. A lightweight compact massager developed with only the best parts imported from Germany and Japan to create a high-quality deep tissue percussion massager.

The ergonomic aluminum metal alloy body ensures that the Xfitonway Smart Series Massage Gun is not only lightweight but also strong and extremely durable. Operate this device with one hand and easily change speed levels.

The silicone cylinder grip is soft and easy on the hands, ensuring a firm grip to give you full control of the frequency and intensity of your muscle therapy. LARGE BATTERY capacity to keep the massager running all day and protected with overload + overheat + overcharge protection.

HIGH TORQUE, HIGH FREQUENCY, LOW DECIBEL MOTOR, & BETTER BATTERY CAPACITY! Xfitonway Smart Series Massage Gun is equipped with a powerful and silent motor for a quiet yet intense massage. At 39 - 50dB noise level, it is much quieter compared to competitors’ 60+ decibels. Xfitonway Smart Series Massage Gun is equipped with a 2600mAh*6 cell, 24V lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will keep massaging for over 6 hours.

Enhance and expedite muscle recovery with Xfitonway Smart Series Massage Gun's 50lbs of pressure and 57 percussions per second! Percussion Massage Therapy helps boosts muscle recovery; faster recovery leads to better athletic performance! Relieve muscle pains by breaking down knots and increasing blood flow to your muscles. End fatigue by releasing and ridding your body of lactic acid and other toxins. Deliver, replenish oxygen and nutrients in your muscles for a quicker recovery.