About Us


Since day one we strive to offer the best DEEP TISSUE MASSAGERS to our clients with innovative and state of the art technology. Our MASSAGE GUNS/ PERCUSSION THERAPY DEVICES stand out in the industry due to our attention to detail and having our customers in mind, with ease of use, price and quality. XFITONWAY products have managed to penetrate the North American market like no other.

We are a Global Company offering services in wholesale, manufacturing and retail department. Providing our customers Quality Health Product at an affordable price. Warehousing is located in United States, Canada and Asia

We always strive to innovate and outperform our competitors. Our global research and development team works around the clock in all parts of the world to bring you the best quality product at an affordable price. While we stay ahead of our competition, we help you stay ahead of yours

Strategically placed warehouse in Canada allows fast shipping with minimal fees and taxes to the customer. 


Ian - Director of Operations

"I have suffered multiple injuries and surgeries due to sports and activities so I decided to make a difference using Percussion devices. I found it helped me on my day to day basis to recover and generally feel better. Preventing Injuries and Improving Peoples health is something I am extremely passionate about. If I can help a single person to prevent one injury no matter how big it is,  its already worth it!"