The Hype and The Truth About Massage Guns

Who isn’t appreciative of a good-old massage? Whether you are a professional who spends hours and hours in front of a laptop or an athlete looking to lessen muscle soreness, massage is the way to go! A little effort on your pressure points is all it takes to reduce the stress in your body. Massage guns have recently become the talk of the town. They are expensive therefore, in this article, we will take a closer look at them and see if they are worth the dollars or not. What is a

Massage Gun and Who is its Ideal Consumer?

Massage guns are tools that use vibration therapy to send pulses through your body. They not only help release tension in your muscles but also increase blood flow and range of motion leading to a fast recovery and better warm-ups. One of the advantages of using a massage gun is that it lessens the lactic acid in the body especially after a grueling workout. It is of ideal use to athletes who can use it to relieve their body stress and for people who suffer from muscle pain and want to improve their condition. What makes this machine great is how simple it is to use. When it first started gaining popularity, one downside to its usage was the noise. However, with newer editions, the issue has been resolved and a lot of companies have guns that have entirely eliminated the sound. The user only has to turn the machine on, place it at any sore point of the body and experience an improvement!

How Does Massage Gun Function?

If you’re wondering about the science behind massage guns, it basically uses what we call ‘Gate Control Theory of Pain’. This means that a non-painful input such as vibration is used to close the nerve gates so that the pain does not travel to the central nervous system thereby resulting in a reduction of pain. The vibration has to be of the right frequency in order to be effective and chase the pain away. It also tricks the system into acting faster on pain and accelerates recovery.

What Factors to Consider when Choosing a Massage Gun?

Although vibrating massage guns have taken off because people are pressed on time and do not have the time to go for a massage, it is important to have a deeper look at the options. With so many choices available, it only makes sense that the pros and cons are measured and with the hefty price tag attached to this machine, the purchase decision should be taken carefully. Massage guns are usually of two types: Percussion and Vibration-based. There is usually not one device that works well for all individuals as needs and preferences differ from person to person. The functional factors that you need to look at when purchasing a machine gun are the amplitude and revolution per minute (RPM) of the device. Amplitude refers to the extent of vibration. The higher the amplitude, the deeper the machine will be able to hit the stress points of the body. A higher amplitude makes the machine intense and even if you use it on a lower setting, it will still be strong. If you have an extreme workout routine or are an athlete, a device with a high amplitude would fit your needs. If you are not big on sports or workout, you are better off using one with a low amplitude as a stronger device may cause you harm with its strength. RPM refers to the amount of time the machine can hit a spot in one minute. Again, this also depends on your needs. A lower RPM works for warming up muscles, however, for tight knots, you require a machine with a higher RPM. To be safe, just purchase a machine with multiple settings in terms of RPM so you can change the settings as per your requirements. Apart from amplitude and RPM, there are a number of non-functional factors you need to consider. These include noise level, product warranty, design, battery life, attachment heads, and accessories. One of our favorites is this Professional Series Massage Gun; it is the perfect device for athletes and gym enthusiasts. It gives amazing results in a short period of time and has been known to increase oxygen supply and growth hormones. The simplicity of its usage and fast recovery time as a result of using it makes it a great choice among athletes.

Why Should You Invest in a Massage Gun?

There are a number of advantages of a massage gun including but not limited to relieving muscle pain. If you are suffering from soft tissue damage, it will help to reduce the pain associated with it. Apart from that, if you’re looking to fasten muscle growth, a massage gun would definitely help with the acceleration.

Cons of Investing in a Massage Gun

We’ve discussed almost everything about massage guns but the disadvantages of buying one. While there are no functional cons to investing in a massage gun, it is an expensive proposition which is why you should choose one carefully. The machine also requires regular and professional maintenance and when it comes to repairs, you cannot DIY your way into the process. The muscle on which it is directly applied experiences excessive activation so the device needs to be used carefully and in moderation.