RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders
RQC Pin - Pre Orders

RQC Pin - Pre Orders

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Explore Endless Fitness Possibilities with RQC Pin Kits

Welcome to the RQC ecosystem, your gateway to a revolutionary fitness experience. Our Pin Kits are designed to integrate seamlessly with any squat rack featuring a 1" hole, propelling you into a world of unparalleled exercise versatility. At the heart of each kit lies the RQC Pin, equipped with the patented Recon Quick Connect (RQC) quarter-turn locking system, ensuring a swift, secure setup for a wide array of workouts.

Key Features:

- Patented RQC System: The quarter-turn locking system guarantees a quick, secure connection, unlocking a vast array of exercise possibilities with an extensive lineup of RQC accessories.

- Universal Fit: Tailored to fit any squat rack with a 1" hole, these kits serve as your effortless entry point into the dynamic RQC system, whether you're at home or in the gym.

- Versatile Exercise Range: The RQC system caters to all aspects of fitness, from strength and flexibility to recovery, enhancing your workout routine with safety and efficiency.

- Stable and Safe: Designed with your safety in mind, allowing you to focus on achieving your fitness goals with peace of mind.

- Portable and Durable: The RQC Pin is not only lightweight and easy to transport but also built to last, ensuring your fitness journey is uninterrupted, wherever you may go.

Package Contents:

RQC Performance Kit: MSRP - 199.95$CAD

- 1 RQC Pin: The foundational piece of the RQC system, enabling the quick and secure attachment of resistance bands and other accessories.

- 1 RQC Solo Level 1 (40"): Light resistance band, ideal for beginners or warming up.

- 1 RQC Solo Level 2 (40"): Moderate resistance band, perfect for progressing in your strength training.

RQC Elite Kit: MSRP - 399.95CAD

- 2 RQC Pins: Enhances your setup with the capability for more complex configurations and dual-anchor exercises.

- 1 RQC Link - Level 3 (40"): Offers high resistance, ideal for linking accessories and intensifying your workouts.

- 2 RQC Level Up 1+2: Provides adjustable resistance levels for tailored workout intensity, adding complexity to your regimen.

- 1 RQC Solo Level 1 (40"): Ensures versatility with a light resistance band, rounding out this comprehensive fitness kit.

Dive into the RQC ecosystem with our Pin Kits and unlock a new dimension of fitness. Whether you're embarking on your fitness journey or looking to elevate your exercise routine, the RQC system equips you with the tools for a dynamic, effective, and safe workout experience. The possibilities are endless—transform your workout today.


- Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
- Finish: Satin Two-Tone Anodized
- Hardware: Stainless Steel
- Compatibility: Fits all squat racks with a 1" hole, and up to 3" tubing


Brushless Motor

Powerful Brushless motors provide tons of power while reducing noise and battery consumption

Battery Power

Rechargeable quality batteries that keep you going up to 8 hours with short charging time

SMart Chips

Will keep you safe from overheating, overloading and overcharging to extend the life of your device

in the box
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6 Attachments

Owners Manual

Carrying Cases

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